Escalando Fronteras / Climbing Borders

Una vida con más opciones | A life with more options. 

Our Mission

Escalando Fronteras uses sports and education to strengthen life skills and prevent destructive behaviors in children and adolescents in vulnerable contexts.

We are a community-based organization that since 2014 has been working in the same neighborhood of Monterrey, Nuevo León where we started. We know that the structural challenges of a society as unequal as Mexico cannot be fixed with mere motivational conferences, and it's a long-term job.


Climbing means health, culture, community and conquering your own borders. Sundays are the most fun days of the week for Escalando Fronteras.

At 9 in the morning, we pick up the children and young people and launch ourselves into the La Huasteca Ecological Park, where the volunteers are waiting for us, ready to work.

We do exercise, recreational and educational activities. Throughout the day, the team strives to reinforce values ​​such as: responsibility, fairness, teamwork, congruence, tolerance, solidarity, dignity and empathy.


We work mainly in the Lomas Modelo Norte barrio, a neighborhood in the municipality of Monterrey that is located within one of the "poverty polygons" established by CONAPO.

It is a community of Otomí origin, made up of families that were forced to migrate from their towns of origin in the states of Querétaro, due to unfavorable economic conditions. 

Due to racism and the structural inequality that prevail in the city of Monterrey, this pushes young people to stop studying and to consume substances in a way that affects their health and further restricts the economic resources of the community.


We know that climbing is not enough to make a comprehensive change in the lives of the children and young people with whom we work. That is why we have decided to undertake, hand in hand with mothers and other civil organizations, an effort to strengthen family tools in terms of coexistence, addiction prevention and communication about responsible sexuality. At least once a semester, a prevention workshop is held to which parents from Escalando Fronteras are invited.


Local students from TEC Monterrey mentor through climbing & academics every school semester. Mentorship is a key part of sharing the tools of social and emotional intelligence.

 Our Core Values

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